18 Inch Subwoofer

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IXL-18F – Finale

28mm linear excursion, inductance control, redesigned motor and as many North American made parts we could manufacture and acquire.  This IXL will be sure to please even the most cynical.  Versatility is where it is at, so don’t be afraid to use the IXL in sealed, Bass Reflex or EBS designs where owning the lows is paramount.

We also offer the IXL-18 with the original UXL-18 cone, for that added sex appeal!  Email us and we will be happy to share the details with you about how to get it.


  • 76mm low distortion voice coil
  • Thick craft pulp paper cone with large foam surround
  • Heavy cast aluminum basket
  • 28mm one way Xmax
  • Inductance control to reduce distortion
  • 1000 watts power handling
Fs (Hz)  19.43
Re (Ohms) 3.2
Qes  0.45
Qms  3.62
Qts  0.40
Cms (mm/N)  241
Rms (kg/s)  9.41
Mms (grams)  278.97
BL (Tm)  15.53
VAS (L)  354
Sd (cm^2)  1023.5
Lp (2.83v/1m)  89.7
  • Outside Diameter –  47cm (18.5″) with rubber gasket
  • Mounting Diameter –  42.6cm (16.77″)
  • Mounting Depth –  24.1cm (9.5″) with rubber gasket
  • Sealed –  140L  (5cu.ft.)
  • Bass Reflex –  226L  (8cu.ft.)  22Hz tuning
  • EBS –  453L  (16cu.ft.)  16Hz tuning
  • Infinite Baffle –  *

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UXL-18 Cone

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    Fantastic transient response, the low inductance design really shines. Drums have a great amount of tactile impact with this sub. Absolutely no mechanical noise audible, the sub is acoustically invisible. Unlike my previous sub, which produced a lot of mechanical noise and harmonics, which made it possible to locate thr sub (IE you could hear where the sub was). Running in a 9 cu ft vented box tuned to 20Hz,works well for music and home theater. Mates well with a Behringer EP1500. Initially was thinking of a dual sub setup, however, after hearing this thing I’m glad I only bought the one, because it is enough!

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