21 Inch Subwoofer

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FTW-LTE – Light Heavyweight

We revamped the FTW-LTE to give you just a little bit more of what it is you seek in a high performance subwoofer – more excursion, more power handling, lower distortion.  A slightly larger copper wound voice coil and induction control provides everything you want when hitting the lows without breaking your bank account.

The FTW-LTE will find home in most mid to large sized rooms where multiple units could be employed.  Use the LTE in sealed enclosures or multiple units for Infinite Baffle.


  • 79mm copper wound voice coil
  • Thick craft pulp paper cone with very large foam surround
  • Quad stack vented motor
  • Heavy steel basket
  • 900 watts RMS power handling
  • 29mm Xmax excursion for maximum output
  • Excellent for home theater
Fs (Hz) 20.3
Re (Ohms) 3.2
Qes .844
Qms 5.40
Qts 0.73
Cms (mm/N) 0.095
Rms (kg/s) 15.19
Mms (grams) 640
BL (Tm) 17.64
VAS (L) 362.5
Sd (cm^2) 1640.3
Lp (2.83v/1m) 88
  • Outside Diameter – 53.8cm
  • Mounting Diameter – 49.1cm
  • Mounting Depth – 27.5cm
  • Sealed – 300L
  • Bass Reflex –
  • EBS –
  • Infinite Baffle – *


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    I built a 10.27 cbft box with 5lbs of polyfil. I am loving this subwoofer. Great bass all around. Does great with movies and music. If you want a subwoofer that doesn’t struggle at anything you throw at it , this is the one 🙂 The best way to describe it is the bass is effortless, clean and controlled.

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