21 Inch Subwoofer

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FTW-LTE – Light Heavyweight

The FTW-LTE offers up an excellent choice for those who desire more cone area than the average 18 inch subwoofer but don’t require the extreme excursion capabilities exhibited by the FTW-21.  The LTE effectively provides that “awe factor” without breaking your bank account.

The FTW-LTE will find home in most mid to large sized rooms where multiple units could be employed.  Use two in sealed enclosures for most rooms and four or more units for Infinite Baffle.


Like its bigger brother, the LTE uses a 76mm voice coil.  We chose heavy coated copper wire for its high power handling and conductivity.  Like all other Mach 5 products, a special non-metallic former is used because it does not generate eddy currents in themagnetic gap like metallic formers do.  This in turn reduces distortion significantly.  The wire is CNC-spun using glues that have temperature ratings exceeding the magnet wire coating itself.

We know that using steel products from Asia is always a gamble and that is why we opted to build all our motors here.  We use quality North American steel to spec and machine it in-house to ensure quality and consistency.

The FTW-LTE uses reputable parts all around that insures quality and longevity.  From the thick pulp cone to the extra thick tinsel leads, the LTE is set to deliver.  Throw in a little bit of sex appeal and you have a winning combination.

  • 76mm PS  series low distortion voice coil
  • Thick craft pulp paper cone with very large foam surround
  • Triple stack vented motor
  • Heavy steel basket
  • 900 watts RMS power handling
  • 21mm Xmax excursion for maximum output
  • Excellent for home theater
Fs (Hz) 19.8
Re (Ohms) 3.9
Qes 0.70
Qms 7.92
Qts 0.64
Cms (mm/N) 0.139
Rms (kg/s) 7.27
Mms (grams) 461.5
BL (Tm) 17.97
VAS (L) 526.1
Sd (cm^2) 1640.3
Lp (2.83v/1m) 92.8
  • Outside Diameter – 53.8cm
  • Mounting Diameter – 49.1cm
  • Mounting Depth – 27.5cm
  • Sealed – 300L
  • Bass Reflex –
  • EBS –
  • Infinite Baffle – *


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