21 Inch Subwoofer

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FTW-21 – For the Win!

Imagine if you can, every picture, vase, dish and window in your home rattling uncontrollably as air pressure begins to build in your theater room.  That’s what will happen if you get the FTW-21.  Nowhere else will you find a driver capable of displacing as much air as this driver can, and do it with ease and finesse.  The FTW-21 utilizes much of the same technology as the UXL-18 – same motor, voice coil and careful attention to detail.  We figured why change a winning combination?



The FTW-21 incorporates Mach 5’s PS Series low distortion voice coil.  The 3 inch (76mm) diameter coil consists of heavy gauge aluminum magnet wire CNC spun on a special non-metallic former.  It is then heat bonded using special glues that exceed the temperature limits of the wire itself.  The PS Series coil generates no eddy currents in the magnetic gap which helps reduce distortion.

From our machine shop comes a CNC-turned magnet structure using quality North American steel, high energy ferrite magnets and strong adhesives.  Unlike Chinese-based steel products, there are no car doors in the steel used here!

The FTW-21 uses a strong craft pulp pressed cone and thick foam surround to ensure high volumes, minimal flexing and low fatigue.

  • 76mm PS  series low distortion voice coil
  • Thick craft pulp paper cone with very large foam surround
  • Conex spiders with double woven tinsel leads
  • Heavy cast aluminum basket
  • Large spring loaded connectors
  • 1200 watts RMS power handling
  • 34mm Xmax excursion for maximum output
Fs (Hz) 21.3
Re (Ohms) 3.2
Qes 0.40
Qms 8.76
Qts 0.34
Cms (mm/N) 0.136
Rms (kg/s) 6.24
Mms (grams) 409
BL (Tm) 20.92
VAS (L) 521
Sd (cm^2) 1640.3
Lp (2.83v/1m) 96.9
  • Outside Diameter – 54.3cm
  • Mounting Diameter – 50.9cm
  • Mounting Depth – 26.4cm
  • Sealed – 170L
  • Bass Reflex – 283L – 24Hz
  • EBS – 700L – 17Hz
  • Infinite Baffle – *


  1. (verified owner) | :

    I have 2 FTW 21’s each in a 6 cubic feet sealed enclosure. Each of them being fed about 1000 watts. This was an upgrade from a single 15 inch Incriminator audio Lethal Injection subwoofer. The Lethal Injection subwoofer is amazing but these FTW 21’s blow them out of the water in terms of output. Sound quality is just as good but the FTW’s play much louder and lower. Watching movies with low sub bass like Tron Legacy and XXX Return of Xander Cage, I can feel my hardwood floors violently shaking beneath me like an earthquake is happening. This without the drivers being fully broken in yet. Going to have to bolt a few things down around the house. Next upgrade will be to hook them up to a more powerful amp as I feel they can handle more than the 1000 watts they are each getting now.

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