Mach 5 Audio News

December 11, 2017

Mach 5 will be closed for Christmas beginning December 22.  Production and sales will commence January 3, 2018.  We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.


November 5, 2017

We are happy to introduce our first finished subwoofer product.  The UXL-18-B is a non-amplified subwoofer dedicated to those folks who want serious lows but don’t have the time or resources to build and finish an enclosure.

This is who we are

First of all, we aren’t a bunch of suits sitting around trying to trim costs on parts to maximize profit.  Our desire is to deliver quality products to our clients at prices that are well beyond competitive.  And, heaven forbid, even make a few dollars doing it.

Mach 5 is a small company.  Because of that, we can offer a more personalized service to our clients.  Whether it is pre-sale or after sale support, we will be there to make sure your time spent with us is satisfying.

this is what we do

Tinkering is our middle name.  We are always open to new ideas, regardless of how out-of-the-ordinary they may be.  That is how improvements are made.  And we are always looking to improve things.

Mach 5 is not a sweat shop.  We do not have long assembly lines that crank out hundreds of units per day.  Every unit is assembled slowly, carefully, with great attention to detail and consistency.

Want a custom build?  Got an idea for something that isn’t readily available?  If we can manufacture or source the parts needed, then we can get it done for you.  Share your ideas with us – we promise complete confidentiality if there is a requirement to do so.

This Is What Sets Us Apart From Others

All Mach 5 products are built to order, right here in Winnipeg.  We try to acquire as much product within North America as we can.  We believe by applying this philosophy that “buying local” helps to keep our economies strong for future generations to come.

All Mach 5 motors and voice coils are made in house, right in our own machine shop.  This ensures consistency of parts made, giving you piece of mind knowing that you are actually getting what you are paying for.

We want to spread the joy of bass, which is why we offer worldwide shipping options.  There are no minimum quantities required.  If one unit is what you want, we will get it too you.  But let’s be realistic; who would want to just stop at one?